Traditional Karate Program – for ages 7+

(students attend 60-90 minutes of classes per week)

White/Purple Belt
:  This class is for beginner karate students ages 7-12 - see Quick Start Page for registration

Novice:  Yellow, Yellow-Stripe Ranks (mainly for ages 7-12 but adult students may attend)

Intermediate:  Orange, Orange-Stripe, Green, Green-Stripe Ranks (mainly for ages 7-12 but adult students may attend)

Advanced:  Blue, Blue-Stripe, Brown & Black Ranks

Adult/Teen:  All ranks may attend – ages 13+ only

Purple-Black:  Ranks from purple to black belt may attend, ages 7 to adult (not recommended for beginner white belts).

Adult Weapons:  Traditional Karate students, ages 13 to Adult, who hold a rank of Orange Belt or higher; Additional program fees apply

SWAT/STORM:  by invitation only; Additional program fees apply

Little Griffin Program – for Ages 4-6  (students attend one 30 minute class per week) - see Quick Start Page for registration

Self-Defense - for Ages 13+
For students who hold a Self-Defense membership (purchase 8 or 16 classes - see Self-Defense Program Page for details and registration

Summer 2018 schedule is posted below - scroll down...

519-265-4504, 511 Edinburgh Road S., Suite 102, Guelph, ON N1G 2S5

Current Schedule ends June 28, 2018  

Summer Schedule begins July 3, 2018

Call to ask us about our Summer Karate Special for new members!