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Little Griffin Karate (ages 5-6 only)

Our unique Little Griffin Karate program caters specifically to 5 and 6-year-olds, aiming to enhance coordination, body control, mindfulness, focus, and other essential skills. The main objective of our program is to nurture crucial learning abilities, preparing students for success in our Traditional Karate Program when they reach 7 years old.

Little Griffin students not only learn to master control over their bodies and voices but also grasp the fundamentals of Karate etiquette. Through engaging in gross and fine motor muscle movements, practicing repetitive basic karate techniques, and enhancing their focus for brief intervals, children learn to listen and absorb skills in a motivating, age-appropriate class.

Little Griffin students attend 1 class per week.  See our schedule for Little Griffin class times.  Parents & Grandparents can also enjoy watching their child's class on our Zoom feed.

Classes are ongoing.  New students always welcome!  Visit our "2 week trial" page to start.