*Fall 2019 schedule starts September 3 scroll down to view

Closed Labour Day Weekend

Summer 2019 - ends Aug 29th

519-265-4504, 511 Edinburgh Road S., Suite 102, Guelph, ON N1G 2S5

  New members always welcome!

Fall 2019 - begins Sept 3rd

Traditional Karate Program – for ages 7+

(students attend 60-90 minutes of classes per week)

White to Purple Belt

This class is for beginner karate students ages 7-12 - see 2 Week Trial Page for registration

Adult/Teen:  All ranks (beginner to black belt) may attend – ages 13+ only

SWAT:  Invitation only; Additional program fees apply

Little Griffin Program – for Ages 4-6  (students attend one 30 minute class per week) - see 2 Week Trial Page for registration